Why Page Speed Is Important

The UK NO.1 Search Engine makes no secret that your website is ranked for its Page Speed.  But what does this mean?

Google currently accounts for over two thirds of internet searches in the UK and uses the speed that your page is displayed as a factor in its search engine page rank

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In short, to get found, you still need Google to like your site pages, especially your Home Page as this is is the first page most people see when accessing your website.

Many site designers concentrate on flair and eye catching designs, and this is right - your website should stand out. But let's not forget that the object of your site is to bring in new visitors as well as engage with your current audience.

All too often, site designs are filled with transition effects, fades, bounces and overlays that not only distract from the site content but also, if used without responsibility, can slow down your website.

So, what now?

First of all, don't panic! Page Speed is one factor.  There are other Search Engine Optimisation techniques (like blogs!) that will still push your site higher, so don't forget to add to your content with blog articles.

These should be relevant articles that reflect your services and philosophy.

But, your website needs to be fast so that this content is delivered and distributed with a speed advantage over your competitors.

Check out your own website with a full free analysis by GT Metrix

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