All packages include a high standard of optimisation to ensure that webal built websites are fast, secure, responsive and integrate with your Social Media channels.

But what does this mean?


  • All sites are built using a CMS or Content Management System allowing you access to edit, add or update information on your website easily.  Even One Page Sites are built using this method
  • All sites are coded within a framework that helps to optimise the code. This reduces the size of your pages and helps with mobile devices especially.  Search engines can (and do) penalise websites that are 'code heavy' or make lots of calls to 'scripts'.  The sites that webal produce will reduce this to a minimum, helping with your page speed.  We aim for the highest speeds possible and test using GT Metrix to ensure that your site is running optimally
  • All websites by webal are ready for mobile devices, tablets, laptops, desktop devices and Smart TV's
  • All sites will include full integration with your preferred social media channels
  • All sites will include integration with your preferred choice of Google Places, Google Analytics, Google Merchant (for e-commerce), Google Reviews and Google Maps


  • All sites are hosted using 100% UK Litespeed Servers with 99.9% Uptime
  • All sites hosted by webal will receive the same level of web hosting, or better.  We believe that all websites should benefit from the same hosting package as our very own.  We do not expect any of our customer sites to reside on inferior hosting
  • All websites include SSL as standard to ensure that your visitors enjoy security on every page and are hosted on Litespeed servers.


  • webal uses a variety of techniques, that work alongside each other, to ensure that the site runs as efficiently as possible, starting with the very foundations of your site.  This philosophy is extended throughout the process of creating your website.  We will optimise all content and images throughout the build and advise you on how to maintain this ideal when adding blogs and images
  • All sites run through a CDN or Content Delivery Network. In short, this adds even more speed and security to all sites.  We will add your site to this service as standard
  • webal will use proven compression and caching techniques to optimise the delivery of the code through these CDN servers so that you site is delivered fast


  • Throughout the build process, webal will ensure that all of the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation are used. This step helps with 'organic' rankings - these are aspects that are found within the content of your website text and images that raise the overall rank of your pages.
  • Page speed scores are achieved through exemplary coding, content optimisation and compression techniques will all have a positive effect on your position in search engine rankings


What is SSD Hosting?

SSD stands for Solid State Device or Drive. Your site is hosted using the faster SSD service to help ensure site speed.

Instead of using spinning magnetic disks (or HDD - Hard Disk Drive) the SSD has no moving parts and offers far greater speeds.

It is just the same as having a SSD device in your home computer - much much faster!

What is SSL Encryption?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer which is a 'techie' term for site security.

The 'padlock' image in your browser address bar means that any information that is sent to you or by you to the site is encrypted and cannot be intercepted or seen by any malicious software floating around on the web.

Once this was a 'luxury' service but, now, is really seen to be a basic requirement. Avoid any sites that do not have this security.

What is a CDN?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network System.

The idea is that the site is 'pipelined' through a network of high speed servers dedicated to providing fast access to your site.

Your website will also benefit from extra security against malicious attacks. They are the icing on the cake!