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webal has had an update!

Launched in May 2021 the new website uses some new functions, logo and a brand new layout!

Still with great performance, using only the same services that we provide to you. This is indicative of the standard web design package webal offers

We've also made it easier to see exactly what webal provides in web design, e-commerce and the updated e-store with POS.


How much does a website cost?

This is a question that, naturally, all web designers are asked - so, in basic terms:

Cost of a typical 12 to 20 page website is £499 +VAT (varies between £250 and £700)

Cost of a typical Ecommerce website with 1000 products is £1200 +VAT ( varies between £1000 and £1500 )

Cost of ecommerce with POS for 1000 products is £1500 +VAT ( between £1200 and £2000 )

The variation arises according to specific needs that fall outside a 'regular' package; for example, a customised function.

So, webal will work with you to create the best custom package to suit your budget.

All websites built by webal, regardless of cost will benefit from CMS, Speed, Security, SSL, CDN & 100% Custom Design.

What website performance can I expect?

We have taken quite some time to try and perfect a structure on which we build all of our websites. After some time we can deliver a good size (50,000+ products) ecommerce website with world class performance.

Above is a measure of a larger eCommerce site using a typical webal site build with hosting and optimisation in place.

You can expect the same level of performance on your site by choosing webal.

We may not be a more expensive city based web agency, but for a Cleethorpes based web design service we like to think that speed and performance can be put within the budgets of the small to medium sized business. An important part of our ethic and 'mission' is, and always was, to provide the best value web design, build and maintenance package that we can to our Grimsby and Cleethorpes region.

What about monthly costs?

For a typical business website to promote your services and products with a fast webal website is simply the cost of hosting and maintenance.

What do we mean by maintenance?

This includes:

  • Ensuring that the site is live and functioning correctly
  • SSL certificate renewals
  • Ensuring that email is secure and running

So, a Standard 12-20 page business website costs £8 +VAT per month

With eCommerce and eStore with POS the task scales up to the size of the site. By this we mean larger, busier sites with a larger number of products.

We consider the only fair method is the ecommerce hosting fee plus a commission of 2% of Online Sales only. So, a typical test case would be 

An ecommerce site with 1000 products selling £2000 per month online. The cost would be (hosting/maintenance+VAT + 2% of sales turnover)

In this example that would be £24 + £40  = £ 64 per month

The cost for eStore with POS with the same sales volume would be £28.80 + £40 = £ 68.80 per month

webal does not take any commission from your inStore sales.

It also means that if your business is seasonal then the costs reduce with your sales curve.

What percentage of sales can I expect from my eCommerce?

From the medium and larger eCommerce websites created by webal our figures show that around 15 to 20% of your revenue will come through via online sales. This is remarkably consistent across various types of business.

It is possible to arrive at this figure fairly accurately as most business opt for the eCommerce and POS service. This allows you to see and compare the total revenue across POS in Store and the Online Sales.

Typical Growth of webal created eCommerce and POS Store

At the start the online sales grow steadily, as trust and reputation are a factor, but with a fast site and good stock control, the growth does climb a strong curve. So, how quickly you hit this percentage does vary but, generally, it can be achieved in several weeks to a few months.

Built by webal with

  • php8.0+
  • HTML5, CSS & JS
  • Joomla! 4
  • Gantry5
  • Google Services
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • LiteSpeed